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Horned Eye IdleBravery and Greed is a beat ’em up, roguelite, dungeon brawler for up to four players. Choose from four classic fantasy classes, engage in a deep robust combat system, and play a variety of co-operative and competitive game modes with friends via local, online or both.

Bravery and Greed is out now on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!

Get rich…

Goblin Archer IdleGrab your favorite controller or keyboard and explore procedurally generated dungeons to acquire gold, loot and fame. Fight your way through dark corridors, solve puzzles and avoid traps to escape in one piece and become the richest adventurer ever known!

…Or die trying!

Death is permanent in Bravery and Greed. If you die, you will only keep a fraction of the riches you have amassed and you will have to start over. To overcome these challenges, each of the four classes has a rich moveset and relies on simple and responsive controls.

Rogue portrait
The Rogue: a swift fighter, armed with a bow and daggers. Deadly but with a frail body, he relies on stealth, speed and mobility to stay alive.

Warrior portrait
The Warrior: a tough seasoned fighter who trusts his sword and shield to withstand and inflict severe punishment. An expert in close range who relies on parrying or deflecting ranged attacks.

Wizard portrait
The Wizard: a magic user who uses his sceptre to focus energy waves and summon his faithful familiar. Though not very resilient, he relies on teleportation and his summon to deal damage while staying out of harm.

The Amazon: wielding an impressive bastard sword and her chakram, she is a force to be reckoned with. Lethal at short and mid ranges, she has little to no regard for her own safety.

It’s dangerous to go alone!

Troglodyte IdleYou will maximize your chances of survival if you decide to team up! Online or sitting on the same couch, play with up to three friends and see which one of you will be the bravest, and which will be the greediest. “Friends” will help you up when you’re lying on the ground, but they might also empty your pockets while doing so!

Gear up!

Along your adventures, you will not only find gold but also precious gear!

Gloves will alter your attacks, providing bonus damage as well as magical effects and statuses when hitting or killing an enemy.

Amulets will grant you protection upon getting hit and passive abilities, they might save your life on more than one occasion.

Boots will influence your mobility, granting you diverse powers such as flight, double jumping and improved speed!

Wands will grant you powerful offensive spells that can change the tide of a battle… but only when they are charged!

Find your Path

Once in the dungeon, you might discover mysterious structures. They will give you the opportunity to choose a Path and select new abilities and perks to create a unique playstyle.

Life Portrait
Path of Life: Master potions and increase your survivability. You will discover new skills to heal your friends, and learn to use the force of nature against your foes.

Chaos Portrait
Path of Chaos: Fight bravely and live dangerously. High-risk, high-reward mechanics to increase your damage and agility.

Order Portrait
Path of Order: Open your mind and learn to use technical abilities. Followers of this Path will need to use patience and tactics to fully exploit its possibilities.

Darkness Portrait
Path of Darkness: Become one with gold! Greed is more rewarded than ever if you choose Darkness, and more cunning tactics will become available.

Settle the score with your friends!

You can also challenge fellow adventurers for some player vs player action: free for all, team deathmatch, king of the hill, those are a few of the online and offline multiplayer modes that you can enjoy with your soon-to-be former friends!